About Us

PRIMO COMPANY was founded on October 24, 1952 in Tokyo, Japan as Musashino Acoustic Laboratory. Their first products were stylus cartridges and crystal microphones. Business soon spread worldwide and with the new name of Primo Company Ltd; they quickly became globally well known. In addition to the original product line, they began making dynamic and elect ret condenser microphones for high end application where the need for precision performance and high fidelity were required.

Today, along with the headquarters and main facilities in Tokyo, there are four other manufacturing sites, one of which is the Chemica facility, in central Japan followed by Mexico Maquilla, USA and Indonesia. 

In 1973, a United States Sales office was born as Primo Microphones, Inc. to serve customers in that region.

Primo Singapore serving customers in the Asia region, established in 1978, expanded and setup a Hong Kong Sales and small Purchasing office in Sept, 21 2001, they are there to serve customers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In June, 27 2006, Primo Singapore manufacturing facility was relocated to Batam, Indonesia.

In the mid eighties, another opening was in Friedrichsdorf, Germany to meet the European needs. Primo Japan and Singapore research and development department maintains the highest level of equipment and testing laboratories. With the equipment like Bruel and Kjear acoustic test equipment, and anechoic chamber, clean rooms independently controlled for the environmental testing, such as temperature, humidity, and life cycling, where Primo can test almost any condition needed for element qualification.

Another unique aspect about Primo is that all automated assembly and test equipment is designed and manufactured by our Company’s engineering and manufacturing teams. This allows Primo to be on the leading edge of technology and manufacturing practices. The competitors had always been curious about equipment source, and when they find out it is proprietary, they are amazed.

Today, the application of microphones is never ending. Primo finds them being used in more and more places. This translates into the need to manufacture more and the demand on the industry is enormous. Interestingly enough, the “ideas” for new applications do not come with all the answers and that is another area Primo prides itself. They are willing to work with the developers and engineers in the early stages, many times at no costs, to assist in creating new opportunities. The focus is on long term relationships and not short run profits.

At Primo, there are no limits in enhancing their core business as a key player and role in the telecommunications industry supplying literally millions of microphones in acoustic measuring, security, various headset styles, medical applications, mobile paging and broadcasting and telephone handset of all variety configurations.

As the nature of the OEM business, Primo is very sensitive to their customers’ marketing and manufacturing needs. They stand by them through the cycles of ups and downs in the industry, and it has been their tradition to assist and follow what each customer desires and needs, maintaining a low profile so the focus is on customers and their success, and ultimately Primo success. Early communications and cooperation in each business relationship develops strong customer and vendor relationship.